Meet Bonnie-Love

Lead Photographer, D2D Focus

To me, photography is an art. It’s a way to capture a MOMENT, a MEMORY, an EMOTION. I’m able to tell a story with my camera…YOUR STORY. My hope is that one day you are able to look back at these images and remember how you felt that day.

A tickle from Mom, a whisper from a spouse, a thought… all part of my tactics in “assisting” to create these memories you will look back on for years to come. 😉

My love for family portraits started by taking photos of my own girls. Kali-Raye is a total ham and begs to come with me on shoots so she can get in front of the camera. That kid never takes a bad photo. Jayla-Skye is a pre-teen that needs a little bribery to take pics. But, when she does…she shines!

When I’m not shooting portraits or events, I’m busy producing videos with my hubby over at our digital creative agency d2d Creative.

Take a couple minutes to go through my portfolio. If you like what you see, let’s set up some time to chat.